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Telescopic Way Covers made of metal plate

With the demand for ever increasing precision and the necessity to preserve this feature in time, the application of protective covers on lead screws and beds becomes indispensable to machine tools builders. Tecnimetal International has implemented...

Protection of railings, screws, shafts and other delicate parts of machine tools is guaranteed...

Roll up Covers
Roll up covers in their various applications compared to other
covers (like bellows, way covers, etc.) have the following...

Cable carriers
made of steel or plastic
hose tube cable carriers 
extra flexible
Chip Conveyors
Tecnimetal International chip conveyors are designed to accurately and efficiently transfer high quantities of chips during demanding machine-tooling operations.

Steel or cast iron are conveyed through a hinged carpet with containing lateral fins.

Shape can be straight or with slope. Wide range of dimensions and applications. See also other types...

Tecnimetal conducts energy from fixed points to mobile units with various systems of cable carriers studied to satisfy all requirements of the third millennium.

The excellent quality of the plastic material used, together with the technical dimensional introduced innovations, it is guarantee of a longer duration...
Helical metal spring guards.

Chips, grinding dust, coolant and environmental dust are the main enemies of lead screws...
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